13 April 2019

3 Major Things That Ruin Relationships


3 Single-Most Things That Ruin Marriages/Relationships

Every relationships have their own good and bad moments and that ought to be expected. Be that as it may, with regards to making a relationship work, the two individuals must be willing to compromise and not be prideful. It is difficult to say if relationships are worth keeping, or if they are bound to end anyway.

1.Lack of Communication: When two individuals come together to experience life with each other, numerous issues can arise and one of the issues which is the most common reasons behind marriage issues is lack of communication.

Lack of communication in marriage or relationship can result to resentment and frustration from both individuals, which can result to separation. Shouting or yelling at your spouse, not talking enough through out the day and making nasty comments to express yourself are unhealthy habits that should be disposed of if you wish for a fruitful marriage.

2. Another reason for marriage trouble is unrealistic expectations: When a couple starts dating, they often overlook the characteristics they do not like about the other person because of how excited they are to be in a relationship. In a long time marriage, however, you notice the flaws you overlooked before and they can be much worse than anticipated.

 It is easy to go into a marriage with very high expectations but living with that person can show you sides of them that you never anticipated. Expectations can also weigh down your partner because they feel discouraged and like they cannot meet those expectations.

3. A lack of equality and respect can also greatly weigh down on a relationship: When one person feels like they take on more responsibility than the other, it can alter their views of their partner and lead to resentment. Every couple must figure out how they communicate best and find their own way of being together as equals who respect each other.

Notwithstanding the issues surrounding your marriage, counseling can always help a relationship.

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