13 April 2019

7 Things you Must Know When Making Online Friendship


7 Do's and Don'ts You Should Know when Making Online Friendship

In businesses, online friendship can be of great help. For instance marketers can know what products are profitable and which ones are in demand. This kind of friendship has led many marketers to sell their products and services. An affiliate marketer may form online friendship with other affiliate marketers. This helps her to know exactly what works and what doesn’t after chatting with other marketers through social sites.

Seven Do's and Don'ts when Making Online Friendship

1. Try not to do sales pitch. Sending them many frequent messages about your products hurts them.

2. Use a friendly language. I mean words that are not insulting. They esteem you if you watch your words.

3. Nurture and appreciate your friendship. You can do this by sending gifts, jokes, quotes and poems. Social networking websites have all these wonderful jokes, poems, quotes and gifts.

4. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Be helpful always. Exchange ideas wherever they ask for solutions. Be part of helpful and social community.

5. Don’t create multiple accounts (profiles.) Just have one account.

6. Appreciate what they write on their page (wall.) You do this by commenting on their tweets.

7. Don’t give a false title to yourself. If they discover this, then they abandon your online friendship.

Now you have the do's and don'ts, feel free to have some good times online.

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