13 April 2019

Sensual Breast Massage Tips and Benefits [VERY EFFECTIVE]


It is believed that breast is the part in women's body which holds her whole sexual energy and a sensual breast massage can let this energy loose in to her whole body to raise her desire for lovemaking.

Not only for lovemaking, breast massage is used for treating sexual health related issues and for good over all health as massages can help the body flush out toxins and chemicals out of the breast area of a woman. For couples, a sensual breast massage can be a tonic for boosting up their love life and saving themselves from falling in the web of boring sex.

Breasts are very important for women's emotional health and they deserve to be nurtured and respected to gain woman's trust and love. Sensual breast massage can lower her stress level drastically, intoxicate her, lower her blood pressure and can put her in mood faster than any other part of the body.

Do not land up straight on to the breast of the woman, start the massage by relaxing other parts of her body. It is ideal to start the massage while making her lie down on her belly and massage her back, calf, ankles and kneading her heels.

If one can relax most tired parts of her body she will feel comfortable and will allow herself to sink in the waves of sensation generated by the touches. Stay teasingly close to her genitals while massaging her back and remain gentle.

Once she is comfortable and relaxed turn her to face up and bare her upper body. Pour some warm oil on her breast starting from her nipples, her breasts and on her upper chest area, gently spread the oil evenly all over her upper body.

 Increase the pressure just a little bit and move your hands across her upper chest from one shoulder to another, you can also place your hands just above her breasts and move your finger in circular motion from center of her chest towards her shoulder and armpits.

Pull your hands from her shoulder passing from her cleavage and moving below her breasts. Repeat this motion till you feel she is enjoying it. Do not give a hard rub always remember it is a sensual massage and not a breast rub down.

Cup her breasts and move your hands in circular anti-clockwise direction, from outside towards inside, the grip shall remain gentle. You can also hold her breasts from below and lift them up and move your hands over them with your fingers moving in anti-clockwise direction.

Finally cup her breasts and rub her nipples with one finger. You can even pinch her nipples gently with two fingers. If you feel you may even suck them for more excitement. Mastering this technique of sensual breast massage will prepare both of you for a memorable lovemaking act.

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