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13 April 2019

8 Major Benefits of MASSAGE THERAPY


1.Massage increases the circulation in tissues. A great benefit from receiving massage is that it increases the circulation and makes the blood flow with more ease throughout the body.

When the blood flow increases it helps the cells to work more efficiently and it can be beneficial to those suffering from high or low blood pressure. It also releases muscle spasms and stimulates the nervous system or sedates it. Increased circulation pumps more oxygen and nutrients to tissues.

2  .It shortens the recovery period of illness or injury.

A good massage helps the release of endorphins (natural pain killers in body) and also stimulates lymphatic system, boosting body immunity.

4  .It helps relieve muscle tension, stiffness, pain and reduces swelling. Healing process becomes faster and excess formation of scar tissue is reduced.A massage can help your muscles relax and become loose, let go of tension and can also improve your posture.

5  .It increases athletic performance and provides greater joint flexibility.

6.  Massage helps reduce discomforts caused due to stress related conditions like migraine, tension headaches, body pain, tiredness, anxiety, depression, insomnia (sleeplessness)  etc .It helps lower the levels of stress hormones like cortisol .

7  .It improves the ability to handle stressful situations calmly and efficiently. Massage also enhances thinking and creative abilities.

8.  Massage therapy promotes the feeling of wellbeing.

According to ayurveda massaging body daily with ayurvedic herbal oil has innumerable benefits. This process is called as “Abhyanga". In great ayurvedic classic  Ashtanga Hridaya  the benefits of herbal oil massage has been documented as follows.       " Abhyanga aachare nityam sa jara- shrama – vataha | Drushtihi prasada pushtyaahu swapna sutwak daadarya krit ||”

•Aging symptoms appear very late in life.   •Balances Vata and reduces vata related problems

•Skin becomes fresh, soft, glowing and healthy. •Skin becomes resistant to diseases. 

•Sharp eyesight and attractive eyes.

•Body becomes stronger and well nourished.

•The body and mind gets relaxed.

•Undisturbed sleep.

•Increases Libido.

•Rejuvenates the body.

Acharya Charaka indicates foot massage (Padabhyanga) to get rid of cracked feet, dry skin on foot, to relieve tiredness and foot pain. The flexibility of foot increases.

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Types, Health Benefits And preparation of a Full Body Maasage

FULL BODY MASSAGE: Types, Health Benefits And preparation

Massage is one of the techniques that assists a person greatly in getting free from anxiety, stress and all arising nervousness. In Other word, massage can also help a person to forget worries and tension for quite a while. Oil are regularly use during massage because the oil can seem much useful for the body muscles and give them additional soothe and vitality.

Massage has been used as a remedical measure from hundreds of years. Massaging causes various physiological effect which comfort the body. Manually kneading or manipulating the soft tissues to relieve pain, distress, stress and to advance health and wellness is called as 'massage'. The techniques of massage to promote health and wellness are called "Massage Therapy".

Types of Body massage

Different kinds of body massage are adopted after analyzing the cause and location of discomfort. The following are the various kinds of body massage .

•Abdomen Massage
•Massage for babies and children
•Massage during pregnancy
Face and Head Massage
•Arms and Hand Massage
•Legs and Feet Massage 
•Back Massage
•Neck and Shoulder Massage
•Chest Massage

Techniques of massage:

A massage therapist uses ‘Strokes’ and ‘Pressure’ while massaging.  Effleurage, Petrisage, Percussion, Friction and Vibration are 5 different strokes used while massaging.

Effleurage strokes are long, gliding and soothing .These strokes are made with flat surface of hands. Effleurage strokes increase the circulation and depth of relaxation.

Petrissage strokes resemble kneading. These strokes are recommended to massage children and elderly people. Skin and muscle surface are rolled or squeezed, gently and firmly by grasping them between thumb and fingers.

Percussion is done using both hands. In this stroke both hands move rapidly and alternatively stimulating the muscles. Percussion can be done with finger tips (tapping), chopping movement of stretched fingers (hacking), cupped hands (cupping), flat opened palms (slapping), and using both fists (pounding).

Friction:  These strokes are used to treat joints and surrounding areas. Friction breaks adhesions, remove wastes and clean up congestion. Long, slow, firm strokes or circular movements of hand are used to move superficial tissues over the deep underlying tissues.

Vibrations : These strokes stimulate nerves. Hands or fingers are moved back and forth rapidly on soft tissues to shake them. Vibrations are used on buttocks, thighs, upper back etc. Mild, moderate or heavy Pressure is applied during massage, depending upon the part to be massaged and the aim of massage.

The main items that are needed is trust that the full body massage will help to relax the muscles. A comfortable floor mat, firm sofa, massage table or even a massage chair where the person can stay while they are getting the full body massage is needed. A selection of body lotions or essential oils to promote a sense of well being can also be used in the full body massage.

To prepare for the full body massage you will need to make sure that you are wearing loose fitting clothes or you can have a bath towel draped around your body where you don’t want the body massage to be done. Lie down on the massage table comfortably and try to relax.

The person who will be doing the full body massage should apply some lotion or essential oil on to their hands. Slowly but firmly start applying a kneading motion along the sides of the spine. Work upwards towards the neck. The kneading motion should be done with the thumb but the amount of pressure should be light.

From the neck the full body massage can be continued back down the body towards the pelvis or you can give the arms, neck and shoulders a good massage. For the neck and shoulders you employ a circular kneading motion. You can use your fingers and thumbs to work any tension knots loose.

From this point you move towards the upper arms. You will need to rotate the arms in a clockwise motion. This will promote the blood that is in your upper arm to move more efficiently. Your upper arms can have the benefit of the full body massage as you use your fingertips to knead the biceps.

Once you have completed giving your upper body the full body massage it is time to head towards the legs. You will need to concentrate on each section one at a time. This means that when you give your legs a massage it can start from the top of the thighs and work down to the knees.

The thighs should have the same kneading motion as your back but the pressure can be a little harder. You can also use the flat part of your palm to knead the thigh and sides of the legs.

When the top of the legs have had the oil rubbed deep inside you will need to move to the calves and the ankles. At this moment your entire body has received the benefits of relaxation by a full body massage. This massage is the best way to achieve relaxation.

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5 Ways to Remove Bad Odors From your Home

5 Home Odor Removal Tips

Once in a while cleaning your home is a lot less demanding than disposing of awful smells, which are left behind. Odor removal can be a simple task and can be done by simply getting rid of the source of the odor.

Here are few tips to getting rid of odor in your home:

Note: You should know that a good ventilation in your home is fundamental if you want to repel the terrible stench.

1. Keep all windows and doors open in the morning. Ensure you let the air in the circulate and let in some bliss from outside. Except if your window looks directly into a street of heavy traffic. A good idea is to keep the windows in your kitchen and bathroom partially opened throughout the day.

2. Now, bear in mind that even if you get rid of the source of the bad odor, everything that is made of fabric would probably be smelling of the nasty thing by now. So, it's better to wash all curtains, cushions and covers in your home. And should I even start with the carpets? Vacuum them at least once a week. They accumulate more dirt and dust than you might think.
3. Storing the food improperly could also lead to some bad odors lingering around your house. Avoid leaving food outside the fridge for long. Speaking of which, the fridge should also be cleaned regularly. Check all the food that you have in there to make sure there is no rotting or sour food items.
4. Bad odors can be coming from your garbage disposal too. Replace the bag regularly. If that doesn't help, you better wash the whole container. The best way to do it is with lemon and ice - it will freshen it really good.
5. When you're dusting the house, know that the ceilings and walls are very likely to have accumulated large amounts of dust. It's a good idea to wipe them with warm water and bleach to ensure no bad odors will occur.

Odor removal could be difficult, but if you follow the above tips, you will not face any problems. Whatever you do, you need to keep your home always clean.

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6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Immunity is the body mechanism to fight the illness and making sure that you don’t fall prey of any disease. Stronger the immune system the better it is as that person would not fall prey to diseases. While it isn’t perfect or able to protect you against all viruses or bacteria, it usually can fight germs and keep you healthy.

Some people have weaker immune systems than others, but people can actually weaken their immune systems without knowing it. Poor lifestyle or dietary choices can negatively affect the body, and ultimately the immune system.

How do you take care of your immune system? Well, there are certain foods, practices, and diet regimens that can help to naturally boost your immune system. When one of the most intricate and complex systems in your body fails to function accurately, it releases all the barriers between your body and harmful microorganisms.

A wrecked immune system can be the cause of various infections and diseases, including immune system disorders. You can control this disaster when you try and increase immune system capabilities in your body.

Immune system depends on your physical and mental health

Your defense mechanism system consists of collective elements such as antibodies, white blood cells, thymus gland, bone marrow and cytokines. This amazing system configuration helps your body to identify and terminate various microbes such as bacteria, fungi, virus, parasites, etc., which cause damage and diseases in your body.

Your immune system activity can be determined through blood cells like NK, T-cells and B-cells. A healthy immune system can ensure you of being less prone to harmful diseases, good health and an energetic lifestyle.

If you feel low, lethargic, tired or sick, it indicates that you need to boost your immune system thoroughly. Your physical health and mental health can determine the strength of your immune system functioning.

There are various factors which weaken the immune system like unhealthy diets, stress, pollution, smoking, drugs, age, etc. A good healthy diet has been proven to increase immune system successfully. Nutritious foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc., strengthen your immune system immeasurably.

How simple ways can help you boost your immune system.

1. Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep:

Lack of sleep and stress does not give your body cells time to repair and regenerate.

Sleep is your body’s natural way of regenerating. If you stay up late playing games or checking social media on your phone or tablet, you can disrupt your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep can lead to tiredness and a weakened immune system, making you more prone to getting sick. When the body is not rested it increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can suppress immune function. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, or take an afternoon siesta if you go to sleep late.

2. Having a balanced diet

There are certain foods that you could take to boost your immune system. It is like making your defense mechanism even stronger against the potential health concerns.

- Foods rich in Vitamin C, the first thing that would come to your mind which would help you to make your immune system strong. The foods that are rich in vitamin c must be included in the diet as it increases the white blood cells which fight with infections. About 200 mg of vitamin C every day should be sufficient to boost your immune system. The supply of the same could be either from the fruits and vegetables or could be through supplements.

- Foods with Vitamin E - another one. This is an antioxidant which would help boost the immune system. This would produce the natural cells which would be killing all the germs and cells which are ready to harm the body. Taking vitamin E will also reduce the risk of heart attacts as much as 50%. 100-400 mg daily should be a good quantity of vitamin E to add at your diet.

- Foods rich in carotenoids would help making the defense mechanism of the body better. The body converts the Beta carotene into Vitamin A which works wonders for the immune system. Unfortunately, too much of vitamin A is toxic for the body. Through the Beta carotene the body could be provided with that extra vitamin A.

- Foods with bioflavonoid would help the body to be protected against the pollutants that we are exposed to all the time. Basically, it protects the cell membrane. People who consciously include the bioflavonoid in their diet are less prone to cardiovascular diseases.

- Foods that are rich in zinc would help the body immune system to fight with cancer cells. The zinc helps in the white cell production, thereby increasing the disease fighting capacity. More than 75 mg of zinc is recommended for good health and to boost the immune system.

- Garlic has self contained qualities which can increase the strength of the immune system of the body. The allicin and sulfides compounds are sulfur containing and that’s the reason the way they contribute towards boosting the immune system.

- Food rich in Selenium would be helpful. The sources of Selenium would be red snapper, whole grains, brown rice, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, tuna, lobster, vegetables, shrimp, egg yolks, chicken and lamb chops.

- Omega 3 fatty acids which could be supplied again by fish oil would help boosting immunity.

In case you don’t want to get into the minerals and vitamins, you could ensure that you have Yogurt, Oats and Barley, Garlic, Fish, Chicken Soup, Tea, Beef, Sweet Potatoes and Mushrooms in your daily diet – to have a diet complete with everything that you need to boost your immunity.

3. Participate in a Cleanse:

When one thing in your body isn’t functioning right, then the rest of your systems and organs can’t function properly. Many health conditions can put strain on the body, so participating in a cleanse can benefit your entire body.

By getting rid of built-up toxins in the body, your organs and systems may function more properly and leave you feeling healthier overall.

4. Soak up the Sun:

Not only is getting some sunshine relaxing, but it also triggers your skin to produce vitamin D, which supercharges the immune system. Getting too much sun exposure, however, can cause sunburns, skin damage, and even skin cancer if protective measures aren’t taken. If you aren’t an outside person, you can take an herbal supplement to get your daily dose of the good stuff.

5. Drinking plenty of water flushes your body of toxins and helps increase immune system.

6. Regularly exercise also helps boost immune system

Note: Processed foods, junk foods, meat, dairy products, refined sugars, artificial flavors, and trans fats wreak havoc on the body and can impair proper immune system function.

By adopting more of a plant-based diet, you can get the proper nutrients you need to keep your body healthy.
In addition to healthy eating, change of weather can affect many with a common cold or influenza, if their immune system is compromised.

 But if your immune system is constantly boosted, it can fight the microorganisms which force their way in to your body persistently every time. Lack of sleep and stress does not give your body cells time to repair and regenerate hence sleeping and meditation is highly recommended.

Tobacco, drugs, alcohol and antibiotics can destroy a healthy immune system and make you vulnerable to various diseases.

You need to reduce the intake of these elements considerably.
Any situation which triggers depression, stress, frustration, anger, etc., should be handled tactfully and avoided. Helping your mind to reduce tension and relax can benefit your immune system greatly.
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Easiest Way to Prevent Foul Odor In The Vagina

 Prevent Foul Odor In The Vagina

Vaginal odor is caused about by secretions from the female organs, sweat, and outer sources orapocrine. Be that as it may, many women complain of smelly discharge from the genitalia which can't be remove after constant washing.

The discharge from female genitalia is common in women in reproductive age and it is normal except if the discharge happens over and over again or reddish brown or green colors.

If the discharge likewise causes itching, pain or inflammation, it tends to be because of infection or certain diseases. Ladies who experience the ill effects of soreness or inflammation should accept solution to counteract it.

Natural approaches to avoid unpleasant smell in vagina includes the use of herbs that can lessen the issue of infection and itching naturally and avert odor brought about by poor cleanliness or damage to internal tissues.

There are numerous natural approaches to prevent unpleasant odor in vagina can help in lessening the odor without causing any side effect. To get the perfect solution for the condition, know the causes for the issue.

Some of the common reasons behind the irritating awful smell in the female organs are:

1. Bacterial infections - The fishy odor comes from infections of bacteria.

2. Trichomoniaiss - It is foul smelling infection found in approximate 20 percent of women suffering from bad odor.

3. Pelvic inflammatory diseases - Pelvic inflammatory diseases can cause abnormal discharge from the female reproductive organs.
4. Presence of foreign object - The presence of certain foreign objects such as sponges, tampons or diaphragms can cause release of fluid from the genitals.

Fistulas can link the female reproductive organ with bladder or rectum. This happens in women after pregnancy and this makes it very painful and unpleasant for women.
There are many other causes which can result in creation of nasty odor such as

1.  Perspiration - Women who sweat too much may get unpleasant nasty smell from the genitals. This is common in women who are obese.

2.   Constipation - The problem of constipation and bloating can cause discharge of smelly rectal gas.

3.   Urinary deposits - Women who suffer from urinary incontinence can get ammonia like smell in the region.

4.   Poor hygiene - Poor hygiene can cause smell.

5. Death of tissues or psychiatry condition - It can even cause the release of unpleasant odor.

Women can adopt natural ways to prevent unpleasant odor in vagina and some steps to prevent the odor are:

1. Avoid wearing costume that is tight or made up of synthetic fiber.
2. Change the clothes often.
3. Use cleanser that is gentle.
4. Copper acetate is used in certain pad to remove the foul smell.

Women should avoid douching or excess washing with antiseptics or deodorants. This can irritate the organ and increase inflammation. Certain chemical based hygiene products can cause allergies and discharge, which should be avoided. To prevent itchiness and infections naturally herbal cure such as Lady Secret Serum can be taken which will not disrupt he normal constitution of the genitals and remove infections.

Natural ways to prevent unpleasant odour in vagina such as Lady Secret Serum provide additional benefits such as regulating lubrication and improvement in the structure of the female reproductive organs.

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9 useful facts about almonds [ A MUST READ]

9 useful facts about almonds

Almonds are nuts, rich in nutrients. Due to its high content of dietary fiber, protein, organic vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, the almonds are considered to be appropriate for maintaining a healthy food diet.

Here are some health benefits of consuming almonds ...

1. Against colds and flu

Eating almonds help protect the body from viral diseases and influenza. According to research by British and Italian scientists ingredients in the outer shell of almonds strengthen the immune system reaction to this type of infection.

It is believed that substances in almonds help to increase and improve the ability of white blood cells to detect viruses.

2. Reducing Cholesterol

A handful of almonds a day helps reduce cholesterol and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, US researchers found.

Consumption of '75 almonds a day lowers levels of "harmful", LDL, cholesterol by 19%, according to survey results.

3. Against diabetes and heart problems

Eating almonds have a positive effect on limiting the risk of developing diabetes. Nuts are rich in the mineral magnesium, which plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

Study at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey publish, that a diet rich in nuts helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the levels of "harmful", LDL, cholesterol in people with prediabetes.

4. To reduce high blood pressure

People with diets with a high content of sodium deficient in calcium and potassium are at higher risk of developing hypertension.

Incorporating healthy foods like almonds in your diet, you can effectively reduce or prevent high blood pressure.

5. Almonds protect against cancer

The content of amygdalin in almonds reduces the risk of developing cancer. The composition acts as antioxidant and helps to the removal of carcinogenic free radicals from the body.

The high fiber content in nuts purified toxins from the gut, leading to degeneration of the cells and reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

6. They are rich in proteins

The proteins are about 18% of the composition of the almonds. Amino acids contained in them, betting proper development of muscles and tissues in the body.

As a number of carbohydrates in almonds is limited, they are a good source of protein for people with high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

8. Against constipation

Due to the high fiber content, the consumption of a handful of almonds a day helps prevent constipation, experts say.

Fiber facilitates the movement of intestinal contents and effective release of the intestines.

9. help weight loss

Eating a handful of almonds for breakfast helps weight loss because they have an effect to satiate and suppress appetite for a long time.

Food with a low glycemic index, such as almonds, are degraded more slowly by the body, which do not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and insulin.

Nutritionists and dietetics recommend eating a handful of raw and unpeeled walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts a day.
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5 Nutritional Foods You Must Eat When Pregnant

5 Nutritional Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Nutrition is always important but it becomes even more important when you are pregnant. A women’s diet needs to provide enough energy and nutrients for herself as well as the baby. This means that pregnant women need a balanced and nutritious diet. Having a balanced diet means consuming the correct amounts of carbohydrates and fats, protein, and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Need some ideas when it comes to a pregnancy diet? Follow our 5 nutritional foods to eat when pregnant guide:

1. Yogurt: This dairy product contains just as much calcium as milk. However, the big positive to this delicious snack is that it is also packed with folic acid. Folic acid is an important vitamin for the development of the baby’s brain. Surprisingly, yogurt is also packed with protein. Not only is this a good way to pack on the calcium and protein but yogurt goes really well with all types of nuts and fruits like mangos, which are also nutritious foods to eat when pregnant.

2. Vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and avocados: Spinach is packed with folic acid, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. It is full of vitamins and tastes good in a number of dishes like vegetable lasagna, salads, and with chicken. So, why not indulge in it? Carrots are filled with vitamin A, which will promote growth in your baby, specifically with their eyes, teeth, and bones. Avocados are a super food. They are also packed with folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium. Vitamin B6 is an important vitamin to consume while pregnant because it helps tissue and brain growth for the baby and because it can reduce the effects of morning sickness.

3. Oatmeal: Oats are full of iron, vitamin B, fiber, and tons of other nutrients. Again, not only are the packed with nutrients but they are great with fruits and nuts, which provide another assortment of vitamins and nutrients.

4. Nonfat Milk: Calcium is essential for the body. However, during pregnancy, the body absorbs almost twice as much of this vital vitamin. Unfortunately, statistics show that the average person is lacking calcium, which means that extra intake is necessary during the 9 months of pregnancy. Each 8-ounce glass of nonfat milk delivers about 30% of the suggested allowance of 1,000 milligrams.

5. Bananas: Bananas are a key pregnancy super food because of the amount of potassium they provide. Potassium gives energy, which makes it easier to cope with pregnancy fatigue. Plus this super food is perfect with many other foods on this list such as oatmeal and yogurt.
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Solution to Difficulty in Sleeping During Pregnancy

Do you find it difficult to sleep during pregnancy?

Do you find it difficult to sleep during pregnancy. There are probably countless positions you could try to get a good night's sleep. However, what you have experienced is just the opposite, your favorite sleeping position that previously felt comfortable being unpleasant.

Why did it happen? Surely there are various reasons behind it all. When you are pregnant, your body goes through various changes. This change tends to disturb the good night's sleep you used to have before getting pregnant.

But don't worry, there are some good sleeping positions you can directly try.

Why can't pregnant women sleep soundly?

The reasons for your inconvenience is due to the size of the stomach is getting bigger, back pain, stomach acid disorders, shortness of breath, insomnia.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you do not have to worry too much about sleeping position. You can still sleep on your back or on your stomach.

However, sleeping on your back or stomach is also risky. Actually, these two positions can endanger the health of your fetus.

What are the risks when sleeping in the prone and supine positions?

Sleeping on your back will put extra pressure on the inferior aorta and vena cava, the blood vessels that stretch along your back to carry blood from the heart to the whole leg.

This position can slow down your body's blood flow and cause a number of other problems, such as back pain, hemorrhoids, and low blood pressure. This position also cuts the blood supply to the fetus.

You may also have difficulty breathing while sleeping on your back. Your growing stomach will depress the intestines, causing dizziness and nausea.

When you sleep on your stomach, your stomach will suppress the uterus. Moreover, as the stomach and breasts get bigger, it will be very unlikely to continue sleeping in this position.

Don't panic if you roll from side to side or back while you sleep. Better to let your body stay where it thinks most convenient than trying to wake up every few minutes to restore position. You need as much sleep as you can get for now. You will appreciate the added energy of sleeping well during pregnancy as your baby gets busy to wake you up in the morning.

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5 Effective Remedies for High Cholesterol

5 Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol that are Easy and Effective

Cholesterol is identified as a yellowish substance and considered as one of the vital ingredients of the body. There are two types of cholesterol that are present in the body.

They are described as the bad and the good one. It is observe that having too much bad cholesterol is usually resulting to high blood pressure that in most cases causing death to several individual. So, to avoid such condition there are natural remedies for high blood cholesterol that can be done. To name a few, listed below are the popular natural remedies...

1. Onion Juice - These lessens the cholesterol level and functions as a tonic. It also helps to clean the blood, digestive system, treat insomnia and regulates the heart action and aid in lessening the cholesterol. Among all of those natural remedies this is considered as the best and easy one.

2. Serrapeptase - This is a natural preteolytic enzyme that is secluded from micro-organism. This kind of enzyme is acquired through fermenting plants. It contains anti-inflammatory effects and is as well immunologically active to clean the blood vessels.

3. Garlic - This is one of the natural remedies for high cholesterol that is determined as the most efficient one. You should consume one to two fresh cloves in different forms like soup, pickles and salad. There are also capsules that are available that you can also take in. To take an average dose of two or three capsule everyday continuously for 12 weeks can absolutely help decreases high cholesterol.

4. Avoid Foods Rich in Cholesterol - The common foods that contain this one are eggs, organ meats, cheese, butter, whole milk, beef and vegetables oil. This procedure does not necessarily mean that you should not eat them rather to consume it less. This kind of prevention is considered as a very useful one.

5. Lecithin - This is a fatty food substance that is very helpful in administering the cholesterol levels. Egg yolk, vegetables oil, whole grain cereals, soybeans and unpasteurized milk are the foods that are best source of this.

These are the five natural remedies for high cholesterol that you can use. Bear in mind that once you neglect treating your high cholesterol there is a big possibility that it may cause problem to your entire health. Hence, if you find out that your cholesterol is high right now better start doing the things that are mentioned above to lessen it.
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Knowing Your Cholesterol Numbers Can Help You Stay Healthy [A MUST READ]

Knowing Your Cholesterol Numbers Can Help You Stay Healthy

A cholesterol test is sure to prove very useful because its results will indicate the presence or absence of potential cholesterol problems. The most common test performed is a lipoprotein profile. The presence of bad cholesterol means that plaque builds up inside the arteries and causes blockage in free flow of blood thereby leading to heart attacks, strokes and certain heart diseases.

For those who have attained the age of twenty, chances are that the doctor has already taken a cholesterol reading while giving them a physical examination. It is important that you understand the meaning of the cholesterol numbers so that you can take appropriate steps to remedy problems arising from high LDL cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol tests will reveal certain cholesterol numbers that indicate the levels of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and even triglycerides and the total of each of these constituents. To be sure, the bad type of cholesterol is known as LDL cholesterol while the density refers to the ratio between protein and fatty cholesterol.

Below One Hundred is OK

Thus, LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol refers to cholesterol where ratio of protein is low while cholesterol contains excess of fat, and the opposite is true of HDL or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Thus, typically cholesterol numbers that indicate a LDL cholesterol level below hundred means there is nothing to be worried about. Even if the LDL cholesterol numbers stay below one hundred and thirty, you will be OK with regards to LDL cholesterol.

However, cholesterol numbers in the range of one hundred thirty and above (for LDL cholesterol) means that you need to take remedial action. If your HDL cholesterol numbers are more than sixty, you will also be OK since a high HDL cholesterol numbers is good for you.

A reading of under forty (for men) and under fifty (for women) is bad for you and it would mean that you need to get your HDL cholesterol levels back up to the sixty mark. In any case, the total of both cholesterol numbers should be around the two hundred mark, the desired level.

When you meet with your doctor to discuss your cholesterol you should also have your cholesterol numbers ready because he will need to know these numbers before he can suggest remedies.

 In fact, it would even help if you were able to find out cholesterol numbers for your other family members since these numbers can also help your doctor get a better idea about possible family history problems and know how to deal with your case from a wider perspective.
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List of Low Fat Diet to Prevent High Cholesterol

10 Low Fat Diet to Prevent High Cholesterol

Fat is not considered to be bad for health as it provides energy, fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K but bad cholesterol should be avoided.

It is considered that a low fat diet helps in reducing weight and bad cholesterol, and many people try to reduce intake of fat by taking up a low fat diet. It should be noted that weight gain is mostly caused by taking food which are high in calories and not just fat. For example: Taking sugar or glucose increases the calorie intake more than a fat diet.

There are mostly two types of fat found in food products: saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated is hard fat and it includes meat, full cream and dairy products. There are some fat products which contain trans fats and the vegetable oils package containing trans fat may have the "hydrogenated" imprinted on it. These fats are mostly used in processed food, cakes, biscuits and pastries. Saturated fat contributes to weight gain and trans-fats raise cholesterol level.

The second type of fats is unsaturated fats which are made from nuts, vegetables and fruits, and it includes poly saturated fats which are found in corn oil, sunflower oil and mono saturated fats found in olive oil and rapeseed. Omega 3 fatty acid is found in fishes such as salmon, and sardines. It is not found in all types of fishes. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in some plant and vegetables and it can be taken as it contains good fat. Unsaturated fats do not contribute to bad cholesterol and it can be taken in diet to get energy.

Food products which are good to take as low fat diet are

1. Take whole grain flour instead of white flour, cakes, pastries, biscuits and fried bread.

2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits which include lentils, baked potatoes, dry fruits, walnuts and beans.

3. Avoid taking chips, roasted peanuts, coconut, fried/creamed vegetables etc.

4. All white fishes which are not tinned can be taken and one can take shellfish although it should be taken in moderation.

5. In non vegetarian diet lean white meat such as chicken can be taken. Beef, lamb and pork can be taken in moderation. Avoid meat pies and pasties.

6. One can take egg white but egg yolk should not be taken.

7. Dairy milk products such as low fat yoghurt and cottage curd cheese can be taken. Avoid hard cheese, chocolates, ice creams and whole fat milk.

8. Avoid caffeinated drinks, packet soups and alcohol. Take good amount of water in a day, and tea and coffee can be taken.

9. Low fat spreads which are high in polyunsaturated fats can be taken in moderation.

10. One can take olive oil and sunflower oil but avoid butter dripping.

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3 Effective Workout Tips To Get 6-Packs in 7 Days

Get 6-Packs In 7 Days, Guaranteed: 3 Effective Workout Tips To Get  6-Packs Faster

Those who lift weights are no doubt in quest for six packs. Though Dieting also assumes an important role in figuring out the look of your abds section, however the exercises listed below could enable you to get your 6-pack faster.

1 # Crunch with Flex

The crunch is no doubt the most typical abdominal exercise in background, here is a various version.

- Lay on your back along with your hands at the side of your head (not behind your neck), knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

- Use your abs to curl your torso off the floor about one third on the technique to your knees. Do this slowly - it should really take about two seconds.

- At the best of the crunching motion, concentrate and flex your abs as difficult as you'll be able to for two seconds.

- Lower your torso back down slowly (but not all the approach to the floor - your abs must never ever get a break), this need to also take two seconds.

- Execute 20-25 reps.

2 # Hanging Abdominal Raise

This is a very intense abdominal workout that seriously targets the lower abs. You'll have to have a pull-up bar or perhaps a particular stand for this workout. Most gyms have every thing you will need. It is perfect to carry out this workout slowly, taking about two seconds to raise your legs, and one more 2 seconds to lower them.

 - Hang from a pull-up bar (you can find arms straps that make this less complicated) along with your feet hanging straight down to the floor
 - Raise your legs, pivoting at the hip, by utilizing your abs - do not swing your legs. There are actually two variations to this workout
 - Bend your knees whilst raising your legs, and bring your knees about half way as much as your chest. This really is the less complicated of the two variations and is recommended for the newbie till abdominal strength has elevated.
 - Keep your knees locked and bring your feet up until your legs are parallel together with the floor.

 - Lower your legs back to the beginning position.

 - Carry out 15-20 reps.

3 # Reverse Crunch

As opposed to bringing your head toward your knees, in this exercising you bring your knees toward your head. It really is perfect to carry out this exercise on a bench.

 - Lie on your back, reach over your head and grab the end from the bench to assist stabilize oneself. Your legs will need to be straight, and lifted slightly off the bench (your abs must be tight).

 - Slowly lift your legs with your abs while bending your knees, and bring your knees as much as your elbows slowly. Your lower back will be up off the bench. This will need to take about two seconds.

 - Slowly lower your legs, even though straightening your knees, back to the beginning position. Tend not to let your legs go all the way down - your abs should certainly be tight the entire time. Once more, this will need to take about two seconds.
 - Perform 20-25 reps.
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3 Most effective Ways To Treat Acne Without Side Effect

3 Best Ways To Treat Acne , 3 Best Ways To Treat pimples

1. Zinc: Taking zinc internally is your first step to clearing up your face.  Zinc is a powerful supplement that targets the bacterial development in your skin and clears away the stuff that's plugging up your pores.  Take one 50 mg tablet every day with lunch.

2. Orange Peel: Next, you're going to need something to put on your face.  Grate an orange peel with a grater or knife, mix the shavings with a little bit of water or lemon juice, and apply the paste to your face.  The Vitamin C in the orange will calm down the pores and clear out your glands.  Another good way to increase your Vitamin C intake is by taking a 1000 mg (1 gram) tablet every morning with breakfast.

3. Aloe Vera: Now you'll need something to tame down the redness.  I've found that applying aloe vera to my zits works much like applying it to sunburn: it soothes the pain, calms the redness, and relieves the puffiness and inflammation.  You can also put a pack of ice on your zits to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

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Sensual Breast Massage Tips and Benefits [VERY EFFECTIVE]

It is believed that breast is the part in women's body which holds her whole sexual energy and a sensual breast massage can let this energy loose in to her whole body to raise her desire for lovemaking.

Not only for lovemaking, breast massage is used for treating sexual health related issues and for good over all health as massages can help the body flush out toxins and chemicals out of the breast area of a woman. For couples, a sensual breast massage can be a tonic for boosting up their love life and saving themselves from falling in the web of boring sex.

Breasts are very important for women's emotional health and they deserve to be nurtured and respected to gain woman's trust and love. Sensual breast massage can lower her stress level drastically, intoxicate her, lower her blood pressure and can put her in mood faster than any other part of the body.

Do not land up straight on to the breast of the woman, start the massage by relaxing other parts of her body. It is ideal to start the massage while making her lie down on her belly and massage her back, calf, ankles and kneading her heels.

If one can relax most tired parts of her body she will feel comfortable and will allow herself to sink in the waves of sensation generated by the touches. Stay teasingly close to her genitals while massaging her back and remain gentle.

Once she is comfortable and relaxed turn her to face up and bare her upper body. Pour some warm oil on her breast starting from her nipples, her breasts and on her upper chest area, gently spread the oil evenly all over her upper body.

 Increase the pressure just a little bit and move your hands across her upper chest from one shoulder to another, you can also place your hands just above her breasts and move your finger in circular motion from center of her chest towards her shoulder and armpits.

Pull your hands from her shoulder passing from her cleavage and moving below her breasts. Repeat this motion till you feel she is enjoying it. Do not give a hard rub always remember it is a sensual massage and not a breast rub down.

Cup her breasts and move your hands in circular anti-clockwise direction, from outside towards inside, the grip shall remain gentle. You can also hold her breasts from below and lift them up and move your hands over them with your fingers moving in anti-clockwise direction.

Finally cup her breasts and rub her nipples with one finger. You can even pinch her nipples gently with two fingers. If you feel you may even suck them for more excitement. Mastering this technique of sensual breast massage will prepare both of you for a memorable lovemaking act.
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Simple Breast Massage Guide And Benefits 2019

Simple Breast Massage Guide abd Benefits

- Benefits

- You can definitely choose massaging as a safe treatment option to provide firmness to breast.

-It also helps to provide good shape and size to the body.

- Today, massaging is one of the widely recommended treatment options for those females suffering from inverted nipples.

- Apart from enhancing the size of bust, it is also found to be very useful to build self-confidence. Do you know how useful is breast massage in eliminating toxins and natural breast enhancement?

Accumulation of toxins in breast cells is a common problem reported among lactating mothers. This health disorder can be well cured by doing a proper breast massaging.

- Apart from flushing out toxins, doing a proper breast massaging is also found to be very beneficial to cure problems like engorged breasts. This condition mainly occurs in those women who does not get time to breast feed their baby.

If left unconsidered, accumulation of milk is converted to poisonous toxins which create pain and swelling. As a natural breast enhancement technique, breast massaging is found to be very useful to overcome this problem. In order to attain satisfactory result, people are advised to apply breast enhancement cream before starting massaging. It makes the cream applied portion supple and pliable while applying pressure.

Now, let's see how to do this useful massage as a natural breast enhancement technique.

- You have to start the breast enhancement procedure from nipple region to downwards with the three lengthy fingers of your hand. To obtain maximum result, people are advised to do massaging slowly with prolonged contact.

After massaging to downwards, it is now advised to do massaging in a kneading type of action. After this step, you have to do a twirling kind of motion instead of squeezing type motion. For best result, try to repeat this procedure for at least ten times per breast.

Finally, it is advised to move palm downwards in such a way that it rub against the side surfaces of breast. Wrong handling of breast may lead way to breakage of glandular tissues.  It is advised to take great care while doing breast massaging.
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Head Massage: Steps And Health Benefits 2019

Head Massage, How to massage the head, health benefits of head massage

a) It discharges hormones which enables the development and capacity of the brain and relaxation of the entire body.

b) Restores joint movement and stretches joints in the nech , shoulders and upper arms .

c) It advances blood flow . Subsequently it eases tension and promotes hair growth .

d) It stimulates the drainage of lymph liquid .

e) It boosts the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain .Clear thinking and sense of focus are achieved therefore .

f) You get better sleep which is what people long for.

The technique involves massaging the head, neck and face area in order to properly manipulate the body’s energy channels.


- Before you start. Before a self-massage warm up your hands, if needed, wash your hands with warm water and use moisturizing cream or massage oil. Rub your hands together very quickly, this warms them even more. Relax as much as possible focusing on your massage.

- Begin with a neck stretching. Place your hands on the place where neck joints with shoulders and start with a side stretching left - and right. The stretching has to be done in a slow motion and the extension should in the limits of comfort.

Do this a few times each side. Keeping your hands on the shoulder, continue with stretching forward - backward in the same slow motion. Continue the stretching with alternative rotations; one clockwise the next one counterclockwise this time even slower. Repeat this several times.

Shoulder squeezing. Place your left hand on your right shoulder near your neck and squeeze the muscle between your palm and your fingers.

Do this on the whole shoulder up to the neck. Repeat this with your right hand on the left shoulder. Ideally you should do this directly on the skin. Avoid rubbing the skin too much if you are not using oil.

Note: Best part , it can be performed at home or even at your desk , just about anytime and anywhere.
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Simple Pregnancy Massage Guide And Health Benefits 2019

Pregnancy Massage, Simple Pregnancy massage Guide And Health Benefits

With regards to a pregnancy massage, it is advisable that you first consult your doctor on whether you are a suitable candidate for it. By and Large such massages are not allowed in the first and the final trimesters as these are considered the most delicate stages. Certain positions too may not be allowed depending on any possible complications that you may have in your pregnancy.

Your doctor will first analyze your overall health and will then determine whether it is suitable for you to have a massage or not. These massages will have to given by experienced people. In most cases, your doctor will be able to give you a reference to go to. Look at their certification to ensure that you are in the right hands.

- Benefit
Many women suffer from muscle and joint pains, aches, stiffness and tension during pregnancy. A gentle massage can often provide relief from problems such as backache, sleeplessness, edema, headaches and tension. In this article you will learn how to give a soothing massage to a pregnant woman.

- Note: During pregnancy the amount of aromatherapy oil you add to the carrier oil should be reduced by half because your body is much more sensitive to the oils when you are pregnant and better able to absorb them.

Pregnancy massage – A step by step guide

The aromatherapy massage is relaxing and helps alleviate tension which is often present during pregnancy. Make sure your partner is comfortable then begin. If your partner is more than four months’ pregnant she will find it uncomfortable to lie on her front. Instead, help her to lie on her side supported by a cushion or massage her back while she is in a sitting position with a cushion to lean on for support.

Pregnancy massage – Massaging the back

Gently apply your chosen oil to your partner’s back, shoulders and arms.

1. Stroke gently down the spine from the base of the neck to the lower back. Do this slowly and evenly and repeat, using alternate hands, twenty times.
2. With both hands, gently stroke down the sides of the neck, over the shoulders and down the arms, coming off at the hands. Repeat ten times.
3. With both hands, stroke gently up the spine, round the shoulder blades in a figure-of-eight then gently down the sides of the body. Repeat ten times.
4. Stroke across the back, starting from the lower back on the right hand side. Stroke in from the outside of the body towards the spine with alternate hands moving gently up the back towards the shoulders. Repeat several times on the right side; work on the left side in the same way.
5. Place one hand on your partner’s lower back, place your other hand on top and allow the heat from your hands to build up. This is very soothing to a sore back.
6. Repeat step 1.

Now work on your partner’s neck to ease tension.

1. Knead along from the outer shoulders towards the base of the neck. Repeat four or five times.
2. With your fingertips work in little circular movements from the base of the neck up to the base of the skull. Repeat four or five times.
3. Stroke down the sides of the neck and out to the shoulders, very slowly. Repeat five or six times.

Pregnancy massage – Massaging the tummy

Gently apply your chosen oil to your partner’s tummy.

1. Gently stroke down the tummy from between the breasts to the public bone. Repeat twenty times with alternate hands.
2. Gently circle around the tummy with the flat of your hand in a clockwise direction. Do not apply any pressure. Think of this as a way to soothe and calm your partner. Repeat five or six times.
3. Stroke in from the hip bone, using alternate hands, gradually moving up the body to the side of the chest. Repeat several times on each side.
4. This movement is helpful for an aching, tried back. Reach under your partner’s waist with both hands. Now slide them out from under her back, lifting gently as you do so. Bring your hands gently over her tummy. Repeat five or six times.
5. Repeat step 1.

This massage is mainly for relaxation and I would recommend that you try one of the following aromatherapy blends. Use six drops of aromatherapy oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of carrier oil.

1. Camomile and lavender
2. Frankincense and neroli
3. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood
4. Geranium and rose

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2019 Guide To Infant Massage And Benefits

Infant massage, baby massage, how to massage your baby

The connection and calm provided through infant massage forges a powerful and lasting bond for the foundation of the parent-child relationship. Just as he or she will carry the nutritious diet and habits you lay as a foundations for how they conduct themselves through out their lives, they will carry their bond with you as well.

For decades now there has been significant research and scientific study on the psychological and physiological health benefits of infant massage. Several academic studies across the United States declare that the time and contact facilitate parent-child connection as well as circulation, digestion, and relaxation for all. It produces a sense of security for the baby. It maintains a sense of calm for the parents. And when something is healthy and helpful to the process of parenting, it's beneficial to any infant care routine.

Infant massage utilizes simple coordinated movements over the abdomen, back, arms, and legs. Each movement facilitates communication and bonding with the baby as they will simultaneously be hearing your voice and feeling your touch.

He or she can begin to understand that you possess a stable place of comfort in their life, in the simplest way. Stability also burgeons forth from the keeping of schedule. To keep certain aspects of your baby's health routine also stabilizes security and growing insurance in one's environment, and as a new parent.

The benefit to the parent is immeasurable. First, it is comforting to new parents to know that they can sooth their newborn. Second, scientific trail and years of documented parental experience has shown that the connection and calm provided through infant massage forges a powerful and lasting bond for the foundation of the parent-child relationship. Last but not least, for women surviving varying degrees of post-partum, this exercise fosters a growth to the mother-child relaxation and bond.

Infant massage and subsequent parent-child connection effects can last a lifetime, without your growing child ever having been aware. The time spent and motion of the massage create balance of hormones and therefore improve immune health for the offset of illnesses.

This also contributes to improved flow of the digestive tract and therefore absorption of nutrients from the food they don't spit up all over themselves. In addition, it improves circulation and chemical functions throughout their little bodies. This form of massage helps to ease physical and psychological growth throughout a child's life.

Just as he or she will carry the nutritious diet and habits you lay as a foundations for how they conduct themselves through out their lives, they will carry their bond with you as well. This is why the confidence that derives from an early comforting and loving connection with one's parents is irreplaceable and indelible to a child's overall well being.

So let’s get started on learning a little bit about infant massage techniques. Daily baby massage is a great way to strengthen your bond with your baby. It also promotes better sleep, relief of colic, and it boosts your baby’s immune system.

When your baby is quiet, yet alert, it is a good time to start your infant massage therapy. Avoid doing your baby massage just after feeding or when your infant is sleepy. Undress your baby down to the diaper, and then place on the blanket. Start with a gentle stroke from head to toe. If your baby cries or stiffens, note the body part and continue on. This will be your clue to avoid that part of the body. Okay, let’s move on to some individual infant massage techniques.

If your little one is laying down facing you, start by placing your warmed hands around the top of baby's leg at the hip cupping her leg, gently stroke downward towards her foot. Do not put any pressure on baby's knee or ankle, then stroke the bottom of her foot and gently hug each little toe. Next kiss her feet, babies love this! Repeat these strokes on the opposite leg. The tummy should not be massaged right after eating. If baby has not recently eaten (within 30 minutes), go ahead and introduce your touch to her belly.

Place your hands at her belly button and move them in a clockwise motion. This movement can help ease the pains associated with gas, constipation and has been known to ease colic. Next, go ahead and move on to her arms. Repeat the same soothing strokes that we used on the legs. While doing massage, continue to make eye contact and check in with her. If you like singing or telling stories, go for it.

Whatever makes you both feel relaxed is perfect! Continue massage only as long as you and baby are enjoying it. If she is still enjoying her massage, continue. If not, feel free to let her be the boss. Babies are really good at letting us know when they've had enough. Now, move on to her back. Stroke her back, starting at the shoulders, over bum and down the legs, showing extra care not to put any pressure on her spineHealth Fitness Articles, continue stroking her back a few times.

Another method:

Start with a blanket or towel underneath your baby. Something soft and cuddly is preferred – Make sure your massage oil is in a plastic container and do a spot test on baby’s skin. Wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction. If there is no reaction, you are ready to start.

Next, walk your fingers around the navel in a clockwise motion. Hold your baby’s knees and fit together. Then gently bend and press up into the abdomen a few times. Lastly, place your hand on the tummy and move your hand gently from one side to the next.

The next infant massage technique involves the head and face. You need to cradle your baby’s head in both hands massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Avoid the soft spot. Massage behind the ears using your thumbs and index finger. Place your thumbs between your baby’s eyebrows, and then gently stroke. Repeat over your baby’s closed eyelids, then down the bridge of the nose and over the cheeks.

Of course there are many different infant massage techniques, and we can’t possibly cover them all in our article, but we’ll cover some basics. The next baby massage is for the arms.

It’s a very simple one. You’ll hold your baby’s wrist with one hand and relax the upper arm by lightly tapping on it. Massage the palm moving your thumb over the heel of the hand down the fingers; then stroke from the shoulder down to the wrist massaging in both directions. Last, massage the wrist by moving your fingers in tiny circles. The steps for the legs are much like those for the arms.

Infant massage therapy works really well on the back. Place your baby on the tummy across your legs horizontally with the blanket underneath. Start the baby massage at the neck with both hands and then move down towards the buttocks making round circular motions with your fingertips. Work your way back to the starting point.

No matter which body part you are massaging, make sure the strokes are gentle but firm. Build the baby massage into your baby’s daily routine. Massages can last from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes, depending on baby’s mood. Watch his body language, and he will tell you when enough has been reached. Infant massage therapy is a powerful tool, and these infant massage techniques are just the start.

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How to Make Your Spouse Fall In Love With You Again Using This Sensual Massage Techniques

Sex, Sensual Massage, Mind Blowing Massage

Sensual massage techniques can allow you to give sensual massage to your partner which can heighten his arousal and provide more sexual energy. Sensuous massage is intended for relaxation and also for arousing desire for intercourse; the proper sensuous massage techniques maintain delicate balance between these two objectives throughout massage session and lead to a pleasurable sex.

You do not need to be a masterful masseur to give massage to your partner, as you already know a lot about him or her, all you need to know is the type of movements and right areas to apply them. Stroking, kneading, compressions and friction when applied on right areas with right kind of pressure give sensual massage to a person and methods of using these movements in proper manner are sensual massage techniques.

Start from upper areas like shoulders, apply oil generously and spread it evenly over both the shoulder blades. Apply compressions; compression is applied when you lay your entire palm on skin and put pressure on that palm by another.

Rotate your palm in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction. Change the shoulder after two three rotations, this will soothe tense muscles and relax them. After applying compressions two three times on each shoulder blade go down a bit up to the end of rib cage.

Once you are done with compression focus on the low back area, apply oil and stroke this area starting from lower end of rib cage towards buttocks. Apply four to five strokes on each flank of lower back and then stroke the area just above buttocks from left to right and vice versa.

Low back area is tenser as it bears most of the body weight you need to massage this region longer than upper back. Strokes are given by placing both the palms over skin close to each other and gliding them in long movements. Relaxing entire back is important part of sensuous massage and very good sensuous massage technique to start with as it refreshes a person by taking away all the tiredness and tension.

Skip buttocks and come down on thighs, thighs also have tense and stressed muscles. Start with gentle strokes from buttocks to knees and after four five strokes on each thigh knead them. Kneading is done in the same way as strokes but you make small movements and in the end when you are about to finish your movement you gather the skin gently with your palm and release it. Follow same procedure for calves.

Now you are ready to massage buttocks, this is most important part of sensuous massage as it will send blood rushing in the veins and fill the person with sexual energy and desire. Apply oil and knead buttocks gently, explore entire inner thigh area close to genitals and also glide you hands on the side of buttocks.

Once you are through apply friction on shoulder, soles of feet and palms with your fingertips. Just hold these areas and press the skin with your thumb and fingers gently. Friction is applied without oil and it relaxes deep muscles. If you give sensuous massage with these sensuous massage techniques you are surely heading to a mind blowing lovemaking session.
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8 April 2019

6 Most Effective Guide on How to Stretch Muscle Effectively

muscle stretching,  effective muscle stretching, fitness

Stretching the muscles are generally for the body benefit. Stretching can enhance flexibility and joint scope of movement. It can likewise set up the muscle and soft tissues for ballistic activity. Stretching can likewise improve the physical activity of the body, lessens the risk of injury and post exercise soreness. Above all, stretching can enhance our mood and can make us feel good and focused.

Keep in mind these 3 Ts: Temperature- A warm muscle permits increased muscle length.

Time: Stretching should take 30 seconds.

Tension: You need to stretch your muscle to the point where it is somewhat awkward however not excruciating.

Here are my helpful hints to rightly stretching and avert pain:

  • Don't overstretch it, Stop it instantly in case you feel pain.

  • Stretch gradually and bit by bit.

  •  Be patient with the process, you ought to be able to increase your strength and perseverance within a period, it might be weeks or months before you can see the outcomes of what you're doing, don't over do things.

  • Cease Stretching if you guess that it is coming from the joints. The feeling of stretch ought not to come from the muscle not to the joints. Bear in mind that strength and flexibility go hand in glove. A strong muscle ought to be free and free and a tight muscle is a frail muscle.

  •  Breath normally don't hold your breath, it might make you feel woozy. Be cautious when stretching the neck and lower back, these are extremely critical parts so be cautious.

  • Stretch those muscles that you feel tight, it must be mellow up to avert cramps.

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