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29 October 2017

Superzoom Video Mode and Halloween Face Filters Now Available on Instagram

Instagram Superzoom alongside Halloween themed face filters and stickers Update.

Instagram Superzoom Video Mode and Halloween Face Filters

Recently, Instagram announced its Livestream with a friend which was the recent feature from the company. Now, the company has released a new feature called Superzoom alongside Halloween themed face filters and stickers.

How Instagram's Superzoom Works

Instagram Superzoom is a new recording mode on Stories, which can be found between Boomerang and Rewind features. You can use the Superzoom feature when you press the Record button, the camera gradually zooms in while playing a background music. that is ho it works, very easy and interesting.

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Apart from these Instagram Superzoom feature, there are a few Halloween face filters that you can try out. There's one with fog, one that turns you into a poorly-rendered zombie, one with vampire and some other scary face filters.
The update of these Halloween-themed stickers is already available online. you can get them via Playstore and iTunes store. 
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13 October 2017

How to Solve Facebook We removed this post Because it Looks like Spam Issue - Johntechservice

facebook We removed this post because it looks like spam

How to Resolve We removed this post because it looks like spam issue on Facebook 

1. Don’t use the same carbon copy content or story as everyone . Sharing ideas is fantastic, but by changing the post message to reflect your unique voice, your posts will not be blocked. Facebook’s spam filters are being triggered because thousands of group owners are using the exact story lines. Be original!

2. Create your own unique images! Facebook loves personalized content and your guests will also appreciate seeing the “real life” use of your products coming from you rather than the use of corporate images. Try to get images from Instagram, or you can aswell take some of your whats-app friends images and use but you need to inform them so as not to get them upset. Posts that have messages that are being repeated too often are also being blocked due to not altering the content enough. When you only replace the host’s name and website link (in this image, for example) Facebook will still block the post because too much of the text remains the same.

3. Learn to Give Time Before Posting another article. According to my experience, i have noticed that when you share your blog post on a facebook group without waiting for at least 30-50 minutes before sharing another post, they tend to mark it as spam which am sure you will not like it to be so.

With this 3 ways on How to Keep Your Posts From Being Blocked by Facebook am very sure you are on a safe if you obey it.
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4 May 2017

WhatsApp Servers Shutdown in Few Minutes Now Restored

WhatsApp Servers Shutdown in Few Minutes Now Restored.

As at 10:45 pm yesterday, whatsapp had an issue which is unknown that led to its general malfunction.

WhatsApp Server that got Shutdown caused so many users to wipe, uninstall their app thinking the fault was from their phone. But thank God the server was later restored as 11:15 pm.

Now the question on so many peoples mind is " was it hacked?" "Is someone trying to do same thing they did to Snapchat few weeks ago?"

What do you think might have been the reason WhatsApp Servers Shutdown in Few Minutes and later got restored?
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20 April 2017

Convert Facebook Account to Page: Grow your Business with these 4 Benefits

Facebook for Business

Why Convert Facebook Account to Page?

Facebook in recent times has aid grown so many businesses around the globe ranging from large scale to small scale business. And so many people out there are yet to discover that we are in a jet age where most top organizations have taken the lead by going social just to get in touch with people on the other part of the world.You may want to ask why stress convert my Facebook account to page when I can buy Facebook pages from those  who has for sale?

Here are some benefits you gain when you convert your Facebook account to page:

1. Since your Facebook profile is meant for individual people, they will not meet your needs as a business owner. Facebook Pages offer more wide range features for organizations, businesses, brands, and public

2. Converting Facebook Account to Page is most useful for users
who have it in mind to use their profile to promote businesses, such as an event promotion company or consultancy, but eventually got stuckon Facebook’s 5,000 friend limit.

3. Converting facebook account to page will allow those promoting a business with their personal profile to start using Facebook Page features that allows them to set up a landing page, organize contests, collect
email addresses, and drive traffics to their websites.

4. The Migration Tool feature  allows Facebook to simply help shift users towards terms of service compliance, as representing a business.
Hope with this few points you are now convinced?
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19 April 2017

How to Get 5,000 Facebook Friends in 7 Days

This tutorial on how to get 5,000 Facebook friends in 7 days is solely for educational purpose and not other wise.

Get 5,000 Facebook friends in 7 days

Some people might say "what do I need 5,000 Facebook friends for?". Well if you are among these set of people, please kindly note that this post is not meant for you. Now let's continue.

Facebook recently has become the main traffic source of bloggers most especially newbies that has little or no fund to invest on their blog. Also most beauty pageantry do run their voting system by using Facebook likes, shares and comments. So think about these, if you don't have up to 5,000 Facebook friends on your list, where do you think the likes, comments and shares which you seek will come from? Stay with me as I reveal some vital secrets that will help you on the long run.


3 things are going to be benefited from this tutorial, which are:

i. How to get massive Facebook friend requests everyday.

ii. How to convert your Facebook friends to fans.

iii. How to drive huge traffic to your blog with these 5,000 friends of yours.


Those who are into beauty pageantry, Relationship bloggers, gossip bloggers, fashion bloggers, entertainment bloggers, love coach's and counsellors are most likely to benefit from these tutorial.

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OK now, let me go straight to main thing that brought you here.

1. How to get massive Facebook friend requests everyday

For you to be getting let me say 300 daily friend requests on Facebook, what you need to do first thing first is to create a female Facebook account

ii. Upload a very beautiful Lady photo as your profile photo.

iii. Make sure all your profile details is been filled.(e.g school, hometown, current city, about, occupation and age)

iv. Add few male Facebook users (20 precisely)

v. Post only relationship and love issues on your wall, at times ask questions and don't forget to tag some of those your male friends to the post.

vi. Now that you have some activity already going on on your timeline, the next step you need to take is to join Facebook romance, relationship, sugar daddies and sugar mummies groups.

vii. After getting approval from the admin, try to post on those groups ( post love stories, fantasies, romance etc along side a nice looking female photo. Do not add your blog links yet to any of those post you will be sharing to the group).

viii. Be consistent in posting to those groups so that members from the group will notice your presence and also get to know the kind of stuffs they will always get from you when they add you up.

Your 5,000 facebook friends is sure with this tutorial. Watch and see how you will get tired of receiving friends request notifications.

Please do not use this tutorial for negative purpose. Thank you.

Hope you find this information useful?

The next tutorial I will be dropping is on How to Convert your Facebook friends to fans ( this is going to be the part ii of this post).

Kindly type continue on the comment box if you need the next tutorial.

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