13 April 2019

3 Major Things That Ruin Relationships

3 Single-Most Things That Ruin Marriages/Relationships

Every relationships have their own good and bad moments and that ought to be expected. Be that as it may, with regards to making a relationship work, the two individuals must be willing to compromise and not be prideful. It is difficult to say if relationships are worth keeping, or if they are bound to end anyway.

1.Lack of Communication: When two individuals come together to experience life with each other, numerous issues can arise and one of the issues which is the most common reasons behind marriage issues is lack of communication.

Lack of communication in marriage or relationship can result to resentment and frustration from both individuals, which can result to separation. Shouting or yelling at your spouse, not talking enough through out the day and making nasty comments to express yourself are unhealthy habits that should be disposed of if you wish for a fruitful marriage.

2. Another reason for marriage trouble is unrealistic expectations: When a couple starts dating, they often overlook the characteristics they do not like about the other person because of how excited they are to be in a relationship. In a long time marriage, however, you notice the flaws you overlooked before and they can be much worse than anticipated.

 It is easy to go into a marriage with very high expectations but living with that person can show you sides of them that you never anticipated. Expectations can also weigh down your partner because they feel discouraged and like they cannot meet those expectations.

3. A lack of equality and respect can also greatly weigh down on a relationship: When one person feels like they take on more responsibility than the other, it can alter their views of their partner and lead to resentment. Every couple must figure out how they communicate best and find their own way of being together as equals who respect each other.

Notwithstanding the issues surrounding your marriage, counseling can always help a relationship.
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5 Nutritional Foods You Must Eat When Pregnant

5 Nutritional Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Nutrition is always important but it becomes even more important when you are pregnant. A women’s diet needs to provide enough energy and nutrients for herself as well as the baby. This means that pregnant women need a balanced and nutritious diet. Having a balanced diet means consuming the correct amounts of carbohydrates and fats, protein, and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Need some ideas when it comes to a pregnancy diet? Follow our 5 nutritional foods to eat when pregnant guide:

1. Yogurt: This dairy product contains just as much calcium as milk. However, the big positive to this delicious snack is that it is also packed with folic acid. Folic acid is an important vitamin for the development of the baby’s brain. Surprisingly, yogurt is also packed with protein. Not only is this a good way to pack on the calcium and protein but yogurt goes really well with all types of nuts and fruits like mangos, which are also nutritious foods to eat when pregnant.

2. Vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and avocados: Spinach is packed with folic acid, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. It is full of vitamins and tastes good in a number of dishes like vegetable lasagna, salads, and with chicken. So, why not indulge in it? Carrots are filled with vitamin A, which will promote growth in your baby, specifically with their eyes, teeth, and bones. Avocados are a super food. They are also packed with folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium. Vitamin B6 is an important vitamin to consume while pregnant because it helps tissue and brain growth for the baby and because it can reduce the effects of morning sickness.

3. Oatmeal: Oats are full of iron, vitamin B, fiber, and tons of other nutrients. Again, not only are the packed with nutrients but they are great with fruits and nuts, which provide another assortment of vitamins and nutrients.

4. Nonfat Milk: Calcium is essential for the body. However, during pregnancy, the body absorbs almost twice as much of this vital vitamin. Unfortunately, statistics show that the average person is lacking calcium, which means that extra intake is necessary during the 9 months of pregnancy. Each 8-ounce glass of nonfat milk delivers about 30% of the suggested allowance of 1,000 milligrams.

5. Bananas: Bananas are a key pregnancy super food because of the amount of potassium they provide. Potassium gives energy, which makes it easier to cope with pregnancy fatigue. Plus this super food is perfect with many other foods on this list such as oatmeal and yogurt.
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Solution to Difficulty in Sleeping During Pregnancy

Do you find it difficult to sleep during pregnancy?

Do you find it difficult to sleep during pregnancy. There are probably countless positions you could try to get a good night's sleep. However, what you have experienced is just the opposite, your favorite sleeping position that previously felt comfortable being unpleasant.

Why did it happen? Surely there are various reasons behind it all. When you are pregnant, your body goes through various changes. This change tends to disturb the good night's sleep you used to have before getting pregnant.

But don't worry, there are some good sleeping positions you can directly try.

Why can't pregnant women sleep soundly?

The reasons for your inconvenience is due to the size of the stomach is getting bigger, back pain, stomach acid disorders, shortness of breath, insomnia.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you do not have to worry too much about sleeping position. You can still sleep on your back or on your stomach.

However, sleeping on your back or stomach is also risky. Actually, these two positions can endanger the health of your fetus.

What are the risks when sleeping in the prone and supine positions?

Sleeping on your back will put extra pressure on the inferior aorta and vena cava, the blood vessels that stretch along your back to carry blood from the heart to the whole leg.

This position can slow down your body's blood flow and cause a number of other problems, such as back pain, hemorrhoids, and low blood pressure. This position also cuts the blood supply to the fetus.

You may also have difficulty breathing while sleeping on your back. Your growing stomach will depress the intestines, causing dizziness and nausea.

When you sleep on your stomach, your stomach will suppress the uterus. Moreover, as the stomach and breasts get bigger, it will be very unlikely to continue sleeping in this position.

Don't panic if you roll from side to side or back while you sleep. Better to let your body stay where it thinks most convenient than trying to wake up every few minutes to restore position. You need as much sleep as you can get for now. You will appreciate the added energy of sleeping well during pregnancy as your baby gets busy to wake you up in the morning.

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5 Effective Remedies for High Cholesterol

5 Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol that are Easy and Effective

Cholesterol is identified as a yellowish substance and considered as one of the vital ingredients of the body. There are two types of cholesterol that are present in the body.

They are described as the bad and the good one. It is observe that having too much bad cholesterol is usually resulting to high blood pressure that in most cases causing death to several individual. So, to avoid such condition there are natural remedies for high blood cholesterol that can be done. To name a few, listed below are the popular natural remedies...

1. Onion Juice - These lessens the cholesterol level and functions as a tonic. It also helps to clean the blood, digestive system, treat insomnia and regulates the heart action and aid in lessening the cholesterol. Among all of those natural remedies this is considered as the best and easy one.

2. Serrapeptase - This is a natural preteolytic enzyme that is secluded from micro-organism. This kind of enzyme is acquired through fermenting plants. It contains anti-inflammatory effects and is as well immunologically active to clean the blood vessels.

3. Garlic - This is one of the natural remedies for high cholesterol that is determined as the most efficient one. You should consume one to two fresh cloves in different forms like soup, pickles and salad. There are also capsules that are available that you can also take in. To take an average dose of two or three capsule everyday continuously for 12 weeks can absolutely help decreases high cholesterol.

4. Avoid Foods Rich in Cholesterol - The common foods that contain this one are eggs, organ meats, cheese, butter, whole milk, beef and vegetables oil. This procedure does not necessarily mean that you should not eat them rather to consume it less. This kind of prevention is considered as a very useful one.

5. Lecithin - This is a fatty food substance that is very helpful in administering the cholesterol levels. Egg yolk, vegetables oil, whole grain cereals, soybeans and unpasteurized milk are the foods that are best source of this.

These are the five natural remedies for high cholesterol that you can use. Bear in mind that once you neglect treating your high cholesterol there is a big possibility that it may cause problem to your entire health. Hence, if you find out that your cholesterol is high right now better start doing the things that are mentioned above to lessen it.
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Knowing Your Cholesterol Numbers Can Help You Stay Healthy [A MUST READ]

Knowing Your Cholesterol Numbers Can Help You Stay Healthy

A cholesterol test is sure to prove very useful because its results will indicate the presence or absence of potential cholesterol problems. The most common test performed is a lipoprotein profile. The presence of bad cholesterol means that plaque builds up inside the arteries and causes blockage in free flow of blood thereby leading to heart attacks, strokes and certain heart diseases.

For those who have attained the age of twenty, chances are that the doctor has already taken a cholesterol reading while giving them a physical examination. It is important that you understand the meaning of the cholesterol numbers so that you can take appropriate steps to remedy problems arising from high LDL cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol tests will reveal certain cholesterol numbers that indicate the levels of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and even triglycerides and the total of each of these constituents. To be sure, the bad type of cholesterol is known as LDL cholesterol while the density refers to the ratio between protein and fatty cholesterol.

Below One Hundred is OK

Thus, LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol refers to cholesterol where ratio of protein is low while cholesterol contains excess of fat, and the opposite is true of HDL or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Thus, typically cholesterol numbers that indicate a LDL cholesterol level below hundred means there is nothing to be worried about. Even if the LDL cholesterol numbers stay below one hundred and thirty, you will be OK with regards to LDL cholesterol.

However, cholesterol numbers in the range of one hundred thirty and above (for LDL cholesterol) means that you need to take remedial action. If your HDL cholesterol numbers are more than sixty, you will also be OK since a high HDL cholesterol numbers is good for you.

A reading of under forty (for men) and under fifty (for women) is bad for you and it would mean that you need to get your HDL cholesterol levels back up to the sixty mark. In any case, the total of both cholesterol numbers should be around the two hundred mark, the desired level.

When you meet with your doctor to discuss your cholesterol you should also have your cholesterol numbers ready because he will need to know these numbers before he can suggest remedies.

 In fact, it would even help if you were able to find out cholesterol numbers for your other family members since these numbers can also help your doctor get a better idea about possible family history problems and know how to deal with your case from a wider perspective.
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List of Low Fat Diet to Prevent High Cholesterol

10 Low Fat Diet to Prevent High Cholesterol

Fat is not considered to be bad for health as it provides energy, fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K but bad cholesterol should be avoided.

It is considered that a low fat diet helps in reducing weight and bad cholesterol, and many people try to reduce intake of fat by taking up a low fat diet. It should be noted that weight gain is mostly caused by taking food which are high in calories and not just fat. For example: Taking sugar or glucose increases the calorie intake more than a fat diet.

There are mostly two types of fat found in food products: saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated is hard fat and it includes meat, full cream and dairy products. There are some fat products which contain trans fats and the vegetable oils package containing trans fat may have the "hydrogenated" imprinted on it. These fats are mostly used in processed food, cakes, biscuits and pastries. Saturated fat contributes to weight gain and trans-fats raise cholesterol level.

The second type of fats is unsaturated fats which are made from nuts, vegetables and fruits, and it includes poly saturated fats which are found in corn oil, sunflower oil and mono saturated fats found in olive oil and rapeseed. Omega 3 fatty acid is found in fishes such as salmon, and sardines. It is not found in all types of fishes. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in some plant and vegetables and it can be taken as it contains good fat. Unsaturated fats do not contribute to bad cholesterol and it can be taken in diet to get energy.

Food products which are good to take as low fat diet are

1. Take whole grain flour instead of white flour, cakes, pastries, biscuits and fried bread.

2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits which include lentils, baked potatoes, dry fruits, walnuts and beans.

3. Avoid taking chips, roasted peanuts, coconut, fried/creamed vegetables etc.

4. All white fishes which are not tinned can be taken and one can take shellfish although it should be taken in moderation.

5. In non vegetarian diet lean white meat such as chicken can be taken. Beef, lamb and pork can be taken in moderation. Avoid meat pies and pasties.

6. One can take egg white but egg yolk should not be taken.

7. Dairy milk products such as low fat yoghurt and cottage curd cheese can be taken. Avoid hard cheese, chocolates, ice creams and whole fat milk.

8. Avoid caffeinated drinks, packet soups and alcohol. Take good amount of water in a day, and tea and coffee can be taken.

9. Low fat spreads which are high in polyunsaturated fats can be taken in moderation.

10. One can take olive oil and sunflower oil but avoid butter dripping.

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Long distance relationship is difficult but do-able, and here are some hints as to how to make it work:

1. Have a common goal.

You and your lover are not going to be in a long distance relationship forever. Sooner or later, you will settle down, so plan for your future together. When will both of you settle down? How long will you both be separated? These are questions that must be answered even if you are both living in different cities to ensure that both are you are working towards the same direction.

2. Set rules.

Rules are required to avoid unnecessary arguments. Both of you need to know the do’s and don’ts: can you date someone else or are you two exclusive? Is it okay for you to go for a drink with that hot girl in your office? Is it okay for her to go clubbing in that body hugging low cut dress that will make every guy drool? Set the expectations straight.

3. See it as an opportunity.

Simply put, be positive about it. Remember the law of attraction. If you are constantly thinking to yourself, "long distance relationship will not work", then chances are you are right: it won’t work. Believe in yourself and your partner. Open your mind and your heart and see it as a journey.

4. Do similar things.

Read the same books, watch the same movies and listen to the same songs so you have more things to talk about. You can even watch Game of Thrones together while being on Skype video call and enjoy your girlfriend’s reactions to the bloody scenes. And the next time you try to be funny by going "Hodor, Hodor, Hodor" in the middle of a video chat, she’ll laugh.

5. Communicate regularly, and creatively.

"Good morning" and "good night" texts are mandatory; so are regular "I miss you" and "I love you" but no matter how sweet these messages are, if these are the only messages you send, your other half is bound to get bored. Be creative. Surprise her with an audio clip of "I love you" in Japanese ("Aishiteru"), a video of you singing "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You" or a picture of you blowing a kiss in the direction of the camera.

6. Know each other’s schedules.

Keep each other updated of your schedule. You don’t want to call her when she is in the midst of a meeting and you won’t want to be disturbed with a call when you’re sleeping. Always bear in mind of the different time zone if you two are living in different countries, and take note of important dates like exams, presentations and meetings.

7. Social media helps.

Stalk your significant other. Like each other’s Instagram photos. Reply each other’s Tweet. Comment on each other’s blog posts. Share funny videos on each other’s Facebook wall. Little things like this show that you care.

8. Give each other a personal object.

Give her your favorite Batman figurine. Ask for her Teddy Bear. None of us have a perfect memory and that’s where memento comes in. It helps us remember and helps us survive tough times. When your girlfriend is depressed because of her work yet cannot contact you due to different time zone, she might look at your Batman figurine and laugh as she recalls how you mimic Batman’s voice.

9. Snail-mail

Postcards and love letters please, gentleman. It’s old school but it’s never out of fashion, and girls of all times love it. Send gifts - Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, anniversary, and any other festive season that you can think of. It can be something as normal as perfume, or naughty gifts like sexy lingerie, if you are trying to drop her a subtle hint that you can’t wait to settle down.
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